The origin of the wedding dress

on February 6, 2022

White wedding dresses are the most important part of modern wedding culture. In any country, in addition to retaining their own national wedding dresses, more and more couples choose white wedding dresses and white dresses.


Wedding dress


White wedding dresses have become the most typical representative of wedding dresses, and women have dreamed of having white gauze dresses since childhood.



The history of wedding dress seems to have a long history, but in fact it has a history of more than 160 years. Since Roman times, white has been a symbol of celebration, but before the nineteenth century, women didn't have a specific wedding dress, they just wore what they thought looked most beautiful on their wedding day. Although the wedding is a ceremony that has existed in all countries of the world since ancient times, the history of the bride wearing a wedding dress at the wedding is less than 200 years. 

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In the West, the bride's dress with a hem on the floor was originally a Catholic ceremonial dress. Because some countries in ancient Europe were a state system with the unity of politics and religion, people must go to church to receive the prayers and blessings of priests or priests when they get married, so that they can be regarded as a real official and legal marriage. Therefore, the bride wears a dress to express her sincerity and purity to God.


But before the 19th century, the bridal gowns worn by girls when they got married did not have uniform color specifications. Until Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom wore the first white wedding dress in history, women in the world have since rewritten their wedding destiny. Before this, the wedding dresses worn by the British royal family have always been extremely grand, a crown of jewels, an evening dress studded with jewels and silver, and a fur coat.

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In 1840, Queen Victoria abandoned the traditional and luxurious attire and wore a beautiful brocade dress, coupled with a veil with orange patterns, which made a sensation. From 1850 to 1900, white was also a symbol of wealth. Since then, the royal family and the brides of the upper class have followed suit. By the beginning of the twentieth century, white represented purity far more than anything else. Therefore, white is usually the preferred color for dresses, and it symbolizes the beauty and holiness of the bride.


White wedding dresses have become the first choice for brides' wedding dresses, but there are also different customs in different countries. In traditional weddings in many parts of the United States, there is a special requirement for the bride's wedding dress, that is, it must have four characteristics: new, old, borrowed, and blue.
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The so-called new means that the white wedding dress worn by the bride must be new. marks the beginning of a new life;


The so-called old means that the white gauze on the bride's head must be old. And it is the old yarn used by the mother, which means never forget the parenting kindness of the parents;


Borrowing means that the white handkerchief held by the bride must be borrowed from her girlfriend, which means not forgetting the friendship of friends;


As for blue, the ribbon on the bride's body must be blue, which symbolizes the bride's loyalty to love will never change.

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