Advantages of toilets

on February 6, 2022

I believe that everyone has been entangled in the installation of toilets or squatting pits when doing bathroom decoration. It is particularly difficult to choose, and each has its own advantages.


  • Wet and dry separation

When the toilet is flushed, the water splash can be well avoided. Even if the toilet is used many times, the toilet can be kept dry, especially for families that pay attention to the separation of dry and wet, the toilet can better meet the needs of dry and wet separation, squatting pit No matter how small the water pressure for flushing the toilet, it is easy to splash a little water, so the squatting pit is easy to produce peculiar smell.

  • more comfortable

For people who go to the toilet for a long time, the toilet is more comfortable, and there will be no numbness in the legs. No matter how long the toilet is, there will be no uncomfortable feeling. Especially the elderly and pregnant women, I don’t know how many days I have seen news that the elderly fell down on the toilet or suddenly stood up and fainted, and it is more difficult for pregnant women to squat and stand up after their belly is big. At this time The toilet will be more convenient.

  • Feature rich

With the derivation of smart products, smart toilets are also more common. Compared with ordinary toilets, they are more automated. For example, automatic flushing, you are not afraid to go to the toilet if you are too comfortable and forget to flush the toilet; thermostatic toilets, smart toilets can automatically heat up, and you can sit down to ensure It is warm; there is also an automatic flushing function, in fact, I think this function is more important, because the structure of human beings is more complicated, and it is difficult to wipe clean with a paper towel. This automatic automatic flushing function is relatively clean.


If many people use the same toilet, cross-infection is likely to occur, especially for people with cleanliness, no matter how clean they are, there will always be resentment in their hearts. Moreover, it is easier to breed bacteria in the toilet seat in winter, but if there are fewer people in the family, you can use the toilet.



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