halloween with pumpkin

on February 7, 2022

On Halloween, pumpkins are indispensable to the festival. Pumpkin lanterns, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread... there are pumpkins everywhere. So why use pumpkins for Halloween, you know?


       Every year on October 31st, Halloween is a traditional festival in Western countries. Pumpkins play an important role in Halloween. Pumpkin lanterns and eating pumpkin pie are traditional Halloween customs.

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In the 5th century BC, the Celts in Ireland believed that October 31st was the most haunted day of the year, so the fortune-tellers at that time used witchcraft to drive away the ghosts and ghosts said to be wandering around. Later in the Middle Ages, people changed to wear animal-shaped costumes and wear scary masks to drive away demons and ghosts in the dark night on the eve of Halloween. Generally, the decoration of Halloween is mainly black and orange. It happens that the end of October is the harvest season of orange pumpkins, so pumpkins have become one of the protagonists of Halloween.


Carving jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins is also a Halloween tradition that also dates back to Ireland. Legend has it that a man named Jack was so miserly that he couldn't enter heaven after death, and because he made fun of the devil he couldn't enter hell, so he could only wander around with a lantern until Judgment Day. Thus, Jack and the jack-o-lantern became symbols of the cursed wandering spirit. In order to scare away these ghosts on Halloween, people use turnips, beets or potatoes to carve scary faces to represent Jack with a lantern, which is the origin of the jack-o-lantern.









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Production Method







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Pick a large pumpkin that weighs 20 pounds. Its shape is round and full, and the color is bright and rich, which is very suitable for making jack-o-lanterns. First choose the side with the better surface as the front, and use the oil pen to draw the desired grimace pattern. Then use a knife to take off the top part, take out the pulp and sub, and scrape the inner wall with a spoon. Then comes the technical part, carving pumpkins with a knife and a knife. Engraving is complete. It is a decoration during the day, and a candle is a lamp at night.

"Halloween, eat pumpkin." Pumpkin is also a festive food for Halloween, especially in the United States. Pumpkin pie is a traditional home-cooked snack from late autumn to early winter in the southern United States. It is usually eaten, especially around Halloween. It has become a seasonal food. In addition, dried pumpkin seeds are often used as Halloween food.


Cooking methods






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Pumpkin is rich in nutrients, containing carbohydrates, protein, carotene, vitamins, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and other ingredients, and the fat content is very low, it is a good low-fat food. Pumpkin pectin has strong adsorption, which can remove harmful substances in the human body and improve the body's resistance.

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