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on February 7, 2022

In Japan, animation is not cartoon, it is clearly separated.

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The animation is called "アニメ", which is an abbreviated form in Japanese. The full name is "アニメション", which is the "foreign language" in Japanese, which corresponds to "Animation" in English. Animation is different from the well-known Cartoon, that is, "cartoon", which is clearly defined.

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Animation refers to films shot frame by frame, emphasizing the form of "movement", while Cartoon is a kind of "painting", which brings interesting content with humorous and exaggerated methods. It does not emphasize the state of motion, but emphasizes In fact, it is the form of content, such as some comic books, which can also be called "cartoon books", and can also be used as adjectives, such as "this style is very cartoony". The Japanese clearly call the cartoons they make "animation", which means that they emphasize the form of "moving", the form of shooting frame by frame, rather than the (witty) content.

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There is no word that コミック and アニメション are mixed together... Generally speaking, if you want to express "anime-related", you will use オタク to describe it. オタク means "otaku", which can directly refer to "like otaku "The family of culture", of course, can also refer to the otaku culture itself. When all Japanese people "animate around", they basically say "オタクグッズ", which is Otaku Goods, "surroundings of otaku". Of course, since Japanese animation is the core of the entire animation industry, it is also the most impressive part, so basically, if the Japanese want to talk about animation peripherals, they will directly say "アニメグッズ", which is "animation peripherals", In fact, it is not necessarily all animation, comics are also included in it.

Of course, in Japanese, the word "two-dimensional (にじげん)" is actually the same as the "two-dimensional" mentioned in the Mandarin Internet language. It can even be said that the "second dimension" in the domestic network terminology was passed down from Japan (it should be said that it was passed from Japan to Taiwan and then to the mainland). The otaku people in Japan call the real-life world "three-dimensional", "the dimension composed of length, width and height", the so-called "two-dimensional", that is, a flat world with only length and width. , what otaku men and otaku women pursue is some images designed through the plane level. The stories that otaku culture likes are based on the stories displayed by these plane images, so they are called "two dimensions".


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So, these words are actually words that we are used to speaking. The Japanese have different names. Let you figure out the meaning of these words, and then you will know what kind of circle you are in. It is not that the subculture is bad. , Just to say, don't talk about the second dimension and ACG for a long time, I don't know, in fact, this kind of thing that I am immersed in is called "subculture". But in this circle, you can find your true self, so whether it is mainstream or not is not important in many cases.

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