Mydedor is INDRANET's home beautification project. This new project will start in 2020.
Products include: photo frames, wall stickers, artist oil paintings, photographer works, various mobile phone stickers, tattoo stickers and other interesting stickers. Due to changes in the environment, we started to design and produce customized soft clay artwork.
All our products are to make the family more beautiful, life and life more harmonious and full of memories.
Soft ceramic products are very common in gifts, what we do is art full of childish artistic flavor. This kind of artwork originates from life, but it sublimates life. It is different from realism and modernism. It is full of childishness. It pursues the old awkwardness in the transformation, and seeks to return to the pure artistic connotation on the basis of realism, which more prominently reflects the authenticity and childishness of the inner world.
Hope you like our ideas and cooperate with us, tell us your ideas, we can bring you unexpected surprises.
We focus on customization. You can discuss with us all the possibilities of technology, of course, if you are willing to buy our ready-made products, that is also a good thing. This is not the only product, but the mailing speed will be greatly improved.
We like this ancient industry, we want to make our home beautiful, our life is happy because of beauty, and we want to retain longer memories and more happiness.
The biggest feature and secret is: our prices are very low. After receiving the product, you will find many unexpected surprises.
All beautiful art comes from life and must be higher than the appearance of life. We try our best to make ourselves beautiful and reflect our true innocence and happiness from the heart in the production process.
May happiness be with you forever.