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on January 25, 2022

Muscles are widely distributed in the human body. There are about 639 muscles in the whole body, accounting for almost 40-50% of the body weight. It can be seen that human muscles are the main body of the body.



    Classification of muscles


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There are 3 types of muscles: one is the muscles controlled by human consciousness, called voluntary muscles. The other is the muscles that are not controlled by human consciousness, called involuntary muscles (such as the muscles that transport food into the stomach). There is also a type of cardiac muscle, which is unique to the heart.

According to the position of the muscles, there are chest muscles, abdominal muscles, psoas muscles, etc. According to function, it is divided into flexor, extensor, etc.; according to shape, it is divided into long muscle, brevis muscle, latissimus muscle, etc. According to the number of muscle heads, there are biceps, triceps and quadriceps. According to the direction of fiber arrangement, there are pinnate muscles, which are further divided into pinnate muscles, semi-pinnate muscles, and multi-pinnate muscles.

 exercise method

The rectus abdominis is located on either side of the midline of the anterior abdominal wall.


When the upper fixation is performed, the two sides are contracted, which can make the pelvis tilt backward or maintain a higher level position, that is, the abdomen is retracted; when the lower fixation is performed, the spine is flexed forward.

Exercise methods

Use exercises such as sit-ups, supine leg raises, and supine right-angle sitting to develop the strength of this muscle.


Abdominal muscles are easier to subside than other muscles in the body. When lack of exercise, due to excess nutrition and a large amount of abdominal fat accumulation and falling, the abdominal muscles are most likely to relax. A sagging (or drooping) belly and body fat are signs that the general health of the body is beginning to decline. The well-developed abdominal muscles and the "wave-shaped" muscle mass are a sign of well-trained self-bodybuilding trainers.

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The latissimus dorsi is the largest latissimus muscle in the body, located under the skin of the lower back and the posterolateral aspect of the chest.Action: The upper part is covered by the trapezius muscle. When it is nearly fixed, the upper arm can be extended, such as swinging the arm backward, and the upper arm can also be adducted and rotated inward. When the distance is fixed, the torso can be pulled closer to the upper arms, such as horizontal bar pull-ups. Because part of the fibers of the latissimus dorsi originate from the rib, it can lift the rib during distal fixation, so it is also called the inspiratory auxiliary muscle.

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Exercise methods: Use horizontal bar pull-ups, back pullers, and prone rowing exercises to develop the strength of this muscle.Notes: The latissimus dorsi contributes to the improvement of body shape. When it is highly developed, the shoulder width and waist slenderness are prominently reflected, and the upper body is more burly and "V" shaped.

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