What kind of sport is golf

on January 24, 2022

It is a sport that integrates physical exercise and nature. This sport requires you to concentrate and put down all distractions to play ball, which can relieve psychological pressure and slack off.

Core Tip: Interpretation of Golf, G---green , O---oxygen, L---light, F---friendship.





丨  Features of golf 

  •  Golf is the most perfect combination of human and nature

Golf is a special sport, it is a sport that enjoys nature and is close to nature. Playing golf is like being surrounded by birds and flowers, you can smell the smell of woods, grass and soil, and sometimes animals appear in front of your eyes. Playing golf also cultivates the golfer's environmental protection knowledge. When your swing damages every grass and tree on the golf course, your sense of responsibility instigates you to do some corrections in order to repay all the natural environment has given you.

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  • Golf is highly accessible

Golf is not restricted and bound by age, gender, and physical fitness from sports methods to sports intensity. From 3-year-olds to the old and young, everyone can participate, either in pairs or alone. Because golf itself is a "moving and still" sport, it is not an intense sport, and players can adjust the rhythm and intensity of playing according to their physical strength.


  • Golf pays attention to etiquette and self-discipline

The standard of etiquette that golf promotes has deep cultural connotations and broad social significance. Such as "considering other players", "course priority" and "maintenance of the course lawn", etc., all reflect a kind of gentlemanly demeanor of putting others before themselves and "being a corporal". Therefore, the world also calls golf a "gentleman's sport". "Under the influence of its rules and the binding of people's one-sided knowledge, players' confession and judgment of their own performance should reflect outstanding self-discipline quality, which is another important manifestation of the etiquette and player behavior standards that are highly valued by golf. These The characteristics fully reflect the rich cultural connotation and civilized and elegant sports characteristics of golf.


  • Golf is a sport that nurtures relationships

There are people from all kinds of different countries and walks of life on the golf course, so you have the opportunity to make friends and strengthen international exchanges when you play in a leisure environment with green grass. On the golf course, you can talk about business, chat with family or catch up with the past while playing golf. Golf practice is a kind of party, a kind of ball talk. Golf's approach to play, endless space, and great environment make it easier than any sport to make friends with the ball.

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