Mydedor Bobbleheads the naive doctor

The 20th century produced in France, also known as the naive school. Influenced by Bergson's "intuitionism", the painters of this school regarded the complex art of people of all nationalities in the early stage of development as models. In their creation, they strongly advocated returning to the style of primitive art, pursuing the natural form of expression of primitive art, and striving to express the direct and simple impression. They ignore the tradition of classical art and all the training of modeling techniques, and at the same time are not infatured with the exploration of new painting language, and they think that those who have no foundation and three-dimensional space of the savage painting can best reflect the human nature, the expression of human innocence and simple nature. Under the influence of its representative painter, H. Rousseau, there later emerged a large group of followers known as "neo-primitivism", represented by L. Vivan, A. Beauchamp, C. Bombois, et al. Later, in order to avoid the confusion of names, art historians put forward the term "naive art" according to the characteristics of primitive art creation, which is used to govern primitive art. From the beginning of the 20th century, primitivist art has been paid more and more attention by modernist artists, until the 1940s is still a lasting sound. Mydedor Bobblehead combines naive art with clay sculpture art to create a unique Bobblehead, which is unique in the industry! Deep customer love.


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