Graduation is a very meaningful event in life

on January 25, 2022


Graduation ceremonies are the nodes of the transition of graduates' identities, which accumulate the unique culture of colleges and universities and inherit the expectations of society and families. From this perspective, the significance of some colleges and universities to hold a graduation ceremony is obviously more than completing a ceremony, it is also a vivid last lesson for graduates.


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Graduation season is a transition period for college students to move towards a new life. At this stage, it is very important for college students to have the opportunity to release their parting emotions through some means, bid farewell to the past, and build confidence in the future. Like this graduation ceremony, without it, it may be It's heart-wrenching, and regrettable.

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In psychology, a ritual is a meaningful and specific behavior, a specific behavior or activity in which a performer or a group expresses certain feelings and thoughts in a symbolic way. It can be a habitually recurring behavior or one that happens only once. Human life is a sequence of transitions from one stage to another. Between birth and death, we will experience many transition ceremonies: coming of age, graduation, wedding, etc. The ceremonies symbolize the end of the old, The new beginning is a process of two stable states before and after the conversion ceremony. It is a buffer zone for the mind to look back, vent, and regenerate.

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The graduation ceremony is a formal ceremony held by the school officials after the completion of their studies. In schools in various countries and regions around the world, it is a common phenomenon to hold graduation ceremonies at graduation. The only difference is the specific steps and matters to be held.



After the graduation ceremony, the students will bid farewell to the original education stage and be promoted to higher education schools to study, or enter the society and participate in work. And former classmates, classmates in the same grade, and school friends often face different sadness. Although some students may be admitted to the same school (including on-campus admissions in a consistent school), or work in the same place, most of the students will be separated from now on.

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Especially after the graduation ceremony of the university, most people will go to different cities and regions (or even all over the country) to work or study. Due to the distance and the busy work or study, they rarely have time to meet. In the modern society with developed means of communication, although it is possible to communicate with each other through telephone and network, there are few opportunities to meet each other in reality. And if the students who have been separated from each other want to get together, it is achieved through another traditional activity - the alumni reunion.


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 For many students, the graduation ceremony is a formal farewell or a phased end to their student life. If they cannot attend, they will lose a lot of emotional meaning and sense of ceremony carried by the ceremony.







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