Big Four U.S. League Rankings

on January 24, 2022

Do you know the top 4 sports rankings in the United States? Below I will count the four major leagues in the United States.

Big Four in the U.S

NHL         MLB         NBA          NFL



       National Hockey League


The American Hockey League is the largest professional ice hockey event in North America and one of the highest-level professional ice hockey leagues in the world.


Founded in 1917, the NHL is the second oldest major professional team sports league in North America. The NHL consists of 31 clubs divided into two conferences and four divisions. The top three teams in each division in each division advance to the playoffs. There are two other wild-card teams making the playoffs. These teams compete against each other to win the Stanley Cup.


        Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball is the highest-level professional baseball league in North America and a professional sports event traditionally known as the American national ball.

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In the United States, MLB is the oldest professional sports league. Major League Baseball consists of 30 teams. Of the 30 teams, 15 teams play in the National League and another 15 teams play in the American League. With 162 games, the MLB season is the longest of any major U.S. sport. After the regular season, the highest-ranked teams advance to the playoffs. There are eight teams in total, with four teams in each league making the playoffs.



       National Basketball Association

The American Men's Professional Basketball League, founded in New York on June 6, 1946, is a men's professional basketball league composed of 30 teams in North America. It is one of the four major professional sports leagues in the United States and the highest level basketball event in the world.




Each team plays 82 games. A total of eight teams from each conference advance to the playoffs. Every game in the playoffs is a best-of-seven series. These series continue until only one team remains in each conference. The two winners then advance to the NBA Finals Seven to compete against each other.

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        National Football League

The American Football League is the first of the four major professional sports leagues in North America, the largest professional American football league in the world, and the most commercially valuable sports league in the world.

Founded in 1920, the NFL is the most popular professional sports league in the United States. It consists of 32 teams, divided into the NFC and AFC, that compete each year for the Super Bowl, the world's largest annual sporting event. The 16 teams in each conference are further subdivided into four four-teams, North, South, East, and West. Each division champion goes to the playoffs, along with two non-division champion wild cards. The playoffs consist of four rounds. The Super Bowl is the final round of the two divisional champions vying for the league title. The NFL is the richest professional sports league by revenue.


In the United States, the No. 1 sporting event is the NFL Football League, whose Finals has been the most watched TV program in the United States over the years, and has gradually evolved into an unofficial festival.

But looking at the global NBA, it has become the most watched event among the four major events. Maybe many people in China have heard or watched the NBA, but few people have watched other events.



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