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on February 6, 2022

The relationship between art and fashion will always spark the most real-time discussions, yet the two worlds have never been more connected. More and more fashion designers are taking inspiration from art, and the end result is reflected in every corner of fashion.

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People can't wait to bid farewell to 2021 and usher in 2022. They yearn for a beautiful new beginning, and look forward to returning to a healthy, safe and comfortable life as soon as possible. The fashion industry has also slowed down its rapid advance, and seems to be transforming in thinking-this year's fashion expresses "healing, minimalism, comfort and nostalgia" with healing colors, retro plaid patterns, simple outfits, and comfortable fabrics The theme of the 2022 spring and summer fashion.

pretty lady

pretty lady


Simple and comfortable style has continued to be a fashionable style in recent years. The minimalist style contains the concept of environmental protection and sustainability, and advocates slow fashion, shared fashion, and second-hand clothing; at the same time, there are fewer colors, fewer accessories, and less burden, which weakens the visual needs and pays more attention to inner needs. Casual and simple does not mean sloppy, unprincipled building. On the contrary, it seems to put forward higher requirements for the texture, quality, tailoring and expressiveness of the few single products, emphasizing the functionality and comfort of clothing and accessories in simplicity, and promoting soft and comfortable hand feel and fit with the shape.



Over the past few years and even decades, prints have come and gone with fashion trends as commonplace as ebb and flow. But just entering 2022, the top spot in women's fashion is dominated by graphic prints. Such prints include checkerboards, geometric figures, abstract art patterns. Whether you like to use a single pattern to coordinate the overall dress, or you like a variety of styles to collide and build, wearing a printed pattern will put you on the cusp of fashion.


pretty lady



In 2022, implement minimalism, create a capsule wardrobe, and use more clothes that are universal in all seasons. Such as suits, shirts, turtlenecks, jeans, ankle boots, boots, trench coats, miniskirts and midi skirts. Another trend this year is to create unisex outfits and gradually eliminate gender differences.


-------------pretty lady

Which one is the most suitable for the annual style in your heart? Fashion and art complement each other. Today's society has also created a lot of fashionable women, each of which is very beautiful and unique.


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